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Teenage Nation


This country is a young nation, its head full of idealism and its stomach churning with excitement. It acts like a teenager, constantly insecure about its image and always sure to be right all the time. Is this an accurate description of the United States or is it better to peg the description to Saudi Arabia. Both nations are young, both are always right when they are wrong, both are idealistic and fundamentalist to the point of idiocy. Is it no wonder then that they get along so well and yet continue to sit on either side of the fence. Their unilateral dealings are constantly inversely related to each other and yet their partnership is strong, even in the face of a rising tide of dissatisfaction from both their peoples. It reminds me of a situation in the playground. Two boys like a girl, one boy is fast at running the other can do handstands. At every opportunity they try to show off to the girl, sometimes ending in tussles on the ground. And yet when they are alone together they repeatedly state that the hate all yucky girls and are immediately the best of friends.

The question we must ask is how can a religious conservative policies provide a similar nation to a new liberal meritocracy. The answer lies in obedience. A good muslim is an obedient muslim, one who leaves god to decide all things. Inevitably falling prey to those who have negative personality traits like greed and vanity.

These two traits in particular are actively encouraged in American meritocracy. You are only as good as earn, as you do, as you control and hold power over. These things are the by-products of a society that seeks to place a value on all human beings with a profit motive in mind.

In the end we have the same result, two teenage nations joined in a love hate relationship. They are two very similar ruling elites who have arrived at their positions through different channels. The Saudi royal family has claimed the country and its people as theirs to profit from because Saudi's have allowed them to. The American elite have arrived at their positions through greed and vanity because the values of the American people respect wealth, power and egoism. But in my eyes they are both the same.

What is the solution to this problem? What non-violent methods can be employed to change the status quo?


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