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Hey Guys,

I was just wondering how many of you wish to continue participation in this group. I tried on numerous occassions to get conversation going, but there hasn't been much of a response. All there is are people soliciting their new communities, something I refrain from doing in order to gain members. I hoped that more members would find their way here through their own interests... but... Anyway, I really feel as if Arab Americans need to persue a goal that will better unite them with one another as well as to make a bigger impact in the world as we know it today. In a manner in which we will be emulated, revered, and praised.

When I created this community I had hopes that more would join... I feel like we are a good and yet underestimated people who really deserve more veneration and understanding from the western world. We have a culture of which we can be very proud and yet there seems to linger in the air a sense of embarrassment... We might find ourselves over-asserting our covet for sincerity, tranquility, non-violence to the point of garishness.... in order to appease people like the person who has posted before me in this group.

I'm not sure what I can do to get more conversation from members, but it would be nice to really start setting examples that the arab community, in general, needs.

Give me your suggestions, opinions anything at all... that might make this group a better area for discussion.

Here is something we can discuss... What do you all think of James Zogby, president of AAI? Do you think he is one of the few good examples set for our community? I really respect his work and his effort in order to try and make Arabs congregate more as Americans and not so much as Arabs, something we have a tendency of doing when we get together. ;)

I googled his name and I was apalled at some of the false accusations made against him on the internet...

What do you guys think?

I hope to hear more of you. Take care

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